What you should focus in 2018

Every informed marketer wants to strengthen bonds with customers. They also know that providing relevant content translates to customer loyalty. In multiple recent surveys of CMOs across diverse industries, in both B2C and B2B, all marketing leaders confirmed customer-friendly content marketing will be their strongest focus in 2018 and beyond. CMO.com nicely summarizes their objectives in this simple chart.

From lead generation to engagement and retention, marketing leaders’ priorities vary but that is also dependent on a particular vertical, market, competition and organizational goal in 2018 and beyond.


The catch is, many marketers also agree the biggest hurdle in content marketing is the lack of a right strategy. See another interesting data below.

Lack of strategy, followed by the crunch in talent and budget are the top three concerns of the marketing leaders in the US.


Impress Digitally comes in there. Our content marketing strategy team is led by the industry veterans who helped the marketing leaders in archiecting the right strategy for a long-term, sustainable organic growth by publishing most relevant content that make sense for a brand. We’ve provided the right talents and have worked on a ROI-driven budget.

The value and quality of the content matter most to build your customer trust. And that can only come from a deep understanding of your customer data. In 2018 and beyond, a data-driven content marketing strategy should be your focus.

We also believe that before we jump into content marketing initiative, it’s important to understand what type of content will make most sense for your audience. Is’ it blog posts, or case studies, white papers, guides, infographics, or videos, webinars?

Few more important points to support our approach:
A. There is an emerging concern around the effectiveness of the content marketing as a vehicle to boost your business. The issue is that content creators keep churning out more and more content at an increasing speed. But, is the demand for volume is keeping up with the supply? If not, is that devaluing the content?
What is the way out?
Borrowing a phrase from one of the smart observers of the market “ Listen to what your audience demands, create accordingly, and promote strategically”. That is the best way to produce the awesome content.
B. Content Marketing far more than producing articles or information videos. It’s about continuing to create contents of many format in a sequence to nurture your audience until they are ready to take an action. It’s about establishing your authority via varieties of content to mature your customer relationship.

We partner with the marketing leaders like you to analyze the customer situation and the competition and determine the most meaningful type of content for your brand, optimize them and identify appropriate channels to distribute. Ask Dipankar, our partner in-charge of content marketing how we can be of help.

Charts:  CMO.com

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