Outbound Tactics deliver best results

While inbound tactics like search and social bring in new customers and audience for your business, outbound tactics like Email marketing still delivers the highest conversions (leads, sales and revenue), if played smart.

We strategize and manage large scale email marketing campaigns for our clients by focusing on buying or engagement behavior based list segmentation, and customizing campaigns and content for each segment. We have helped clients discover high value customers and correctly estimating LTV (life time value) of a customer. We populate the leads coming from different marketing channels into appropriate “readiness” levels in the funnel and help sales teams in coming up with strategies for nurturing and qualifying leads. Our clients, on average, have achieved 20% uplift in closing leads with our unique automation approach.

Some of our Email campaigns became case studies during 2015-17 for the creative approaches in the subject line and email body content. We’ve consistently delivered above benchmark open rate, CTR and conversion rate.