Client – A full-service law firm specializing in will and probate laws, and asset protection. 

  • Challenge – The law firm was primarily dependent on referrals for new business generation. Its website was limited in terms of content and search visibility opportunities, losing significant market share to competing law firms.
  • Solution – We partnered with their IT development during the site rework process developing a new content plan and information architecture for the new site based on our research and analysis on market size, audience demographics, competition and local search queries (keywords). Once the new site was live, we optimized it and developed an editorial calendar for its content publishing.
  • Results – Today their website generates 65% of its new leads from local organic searches in NoVA. Law firm’s consistent content marketing (blog) schedule has now garnered a significant share of its lead generation and audience engagement helping them become industry leaders.

Client – A market research training firm offering free market research training for basic membership and advanced training & seminars for paid members.

  • Challenge
  • Solution – We developed a keyword strategy based on their target audience’s intent. Based on the new keyword strategy, we implemented our long term SEO solution for their business and content sites
  • Results – They now receive the highest SERP ranking for top tier keywords and they receive 70% leads from organic traffic.

Client – America’s leading online fabric retailer

  • Challenge – Revisit previous PPC campaigns’ setup and strategy to find deficiencies and opportunities in the campaign organization, keyword strategy and landing page optimization.
  • Solution – Based on our findings, we completely reworked the PPC and remarketing display setup along with designing, developing and implementing new ad creative and new landing pages.
  • Results – Within 45 days, using the same total campaign budget, their lead generation costs decreased by 40% and their revenue per ad campaign grew by 65%. They also saw a significantly improved AOV.

Client – A luxury air travel company for Fortune class businesses.

  • Challenge – While running Google and Bing PPC campaigns, their marketing campaigns were hampered by very low conversion rates resulting in an unacceptably high CPA.
  • Solution – After our initial audit and detailed analysis of all of their PPC campaigns, we determined search engines marketing was not appropriate marketing channel to reach their goals. We recommended placing their PPC campaigns in LinkedIn. We designed, developed and implemented a LinkedIn pilot campaign targeting LI members by job function, company size and location. We also reached out to a few active luxury and corporate travel LinkedIn groups.
  • Results – The LinkedIn pilot campaign results were outstanding. They immediate recognized increased lead generation for their sales team and the team reported an extremely high conversion rate. Next, we executed full-fledged LinkedIn campaign targeting major US cities and states.

Client – A direct response consumer marketing major

  • Challenge – Difficulty identifying their high value customers and improving customer lifetime value
  • Solution – Based on our analysis of Tristar’s customers’ purchasing history, we utilized our knowledge and experience in email marketing automation based to better qualify new leads. Along with the main email platform and a third party predictive analytics tool, we segmented their multimillion customer list into multiple categories and came up with a completely new email marketing campaign strategy with new product offerings, cross-sale opportunities, promotions and content.
  • Results – This dramatically increased their outbound email campaign revenue by 65% and resulted in improving their AOV.