Why Search?

Just consider the following facts:

  • 66% of visitors to a business or content site come via search (organic and paid combined); for many verticals, it could be as high as 75% or more in many industries
  • No other digital channel comes even close
  • While organic search (SEO) traffic continues to be the highest source of traffic (51% or more) for a successful brand, paid search’s share has grown significantly, from 10% to 15% in the last year
  • Search ad spend grew 15% Y/Y in 2017 because of its stellar performance
organic search ppc spend growth

No wonder, marketing leaders’ most favorite channel is Search. As it’s said, if your brand is not visible in Google, Bing and Yahoo, you’re not in business or at least you’re missing huge opportunity.

But, what really makes a brand a success on search result pages?

SEO + SEM = Better Together!

Google’s famous ad pause experiment showed that a combined presence in organic and paid search can lift a brand by 50-80%, means a business can achieve upto 80% higher CTR (click through rates) for relevant searches, bringing in the revenue or leads, and achieving the highest ROI for marketing dollar.

SEO SEM better together

Google’s finding is not difficult to understand. Imagine, you are searching something, and you see multiple ranks for the same domain (brand) which is unknown to you, you will be curious to click one of them; it’s very common human search and click behavior.


The question is, how a brand can achieve that. No doubt, this is not an easy game. It requires a solid Search strategy, not just launching a PPC campaign by doing some quick keyword research, or trying some SEO. You really need to identify the right search terms that make sense for your business, categorize them in terms of competition and difficulty, decide which ones will be your priority, what are the intent behind those search terms, and align your website content with them, and then implement your search marketing tactics, both organic and paid. It’s easier said than done, and marketing leaders struggle to achieve this. Most of the time, it is not the challenge with budget or resource, it is all about strategy. While no business can achieve dominance for every keyword on SERP, smart businesses achieve many and that lift their brand. It’s judicious to sacrifice some keywords, particularly for organic ranking, and rather go for the ones that are achievable. It’s a difficult choice, but that’s how it works.


We believe in Google, and we understand the keywords and intent. We won’t dump you with a huge list of search terms most of which will be difficult for organic ranking or will be too costly for paid ranks. Rather we will go by very select categories of keywords that can give your brand the right visibility from both advertisement and organic rank. We have made our clients winners by making their brand dominate on SERPs by the combined presence with a well-crafted digital strategy, opening up the funnel and diretcly impacting their top-line in a reasonable time. In parallel, we work on the long term Search vision for a brand and make them a winner in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Learn more about our search marketing services and contact us if you are looking for an integrated Search strategy.

Organic growth (SEO)

Paid search

Graphs, Charts Source: Google, emarketer, Brightedge