Paid Search Engine Marketing

If we ask, why paid search or PPC campaign?
Answer is simple – it works!

Please check the latest report from eMarketer, Google is topping the list when it comes to best ROI.

No wonder, eMarketer also reported, search ad spend has grown significantly in the recent years.

ppc spend growth

Paid search advertisement, or as it is popularly known as PPC campaigns, will continue to dominate in 2018 and beyond. It’s also most challenging for many businesses.


Most of the businesses are challenged by being off from their CPA goal, fierce competition, ever-increasing CPC, and poor conversion rates. Businesses also get overwhelmed by all the new features that Google and Bing have introduced in the recent past.

Reasons may be many, but typically, most of the businesses don’t have adequate resource and time to cope up with the ever-dynamic world of paid search.

We recently did a survey with some of our clients and prospects. One common issue that came out from the survey was related to the keyword strategy. Most of the CMOs we interviewed told us, they are mostly challenged by the right keyword targeting. While top-tier keywords continue to be costly in bidding, bringing up CPA, long-tail, hyper-targeted search terms don’t bring in enough traffic, even if they convert well. Many CMOs were not particularly happy with the creative exercise that is done in-house.



We not only deliver your CPA (cost per acquisition) goal for paid campaigns and media buying, we optimize the campaigns to lower the CPA value which brings you higher profit from your advertising spend.

We say PPC campaigns in search engines is more a science (while SEO is more an art). It is all about solving the equation that justifies campaign spend and achieves CPA goals. Our PPC consultants who have been working in Google Adwords, as an example, since its inception in 2003, are essentially data scientists who have the required skills to solve the equations. We match that with our creative talents in copy writing and hyper-targeted landing page creation.

What makes us really different from other agencies is our approach to keywords research and bidding. Built on our proprietary model based on Persona and Intent, our keyword strategy is always result-driven so that none of your marketing dollar is wasted.

Audience Targeted Campaigns

While modern marketing channels like search engines and social media provide demographic data for audience targeted campaign planning, they are not perfect and your marketing dollar might be wasted by unwanted clicks (CPC model) or views (CPM model). We add additional dimensions and filtering to go granular to make your campaigns hyper-targeted and utilize modern programmatic campaign platforms to get the best value out of the advertising spend. We have a track record of exceeding the expectation of our clients from display advertisement. This, again, has been possible because of our strategy which marries data and creativity.