SEO: Foundation of Your organic growth

Recent studies show that 51% of the visitors on average come to a business website via organic search across all industries and B2B and B2C. In fact for certain industries, it could be as high as 70%. No other digital channel comes even close.

What will be the key factors for SEO success in 2018 and coming years? SEO, over last few years, have gone through sea changes, mainly because of algorithmic and policy changes by the search engines. SEO community struggles to cope up with the new SEO imperatives and many a times get confused or enter into debate on the priorities.

We regularly monitor the ranking trends and share our insights with our SEO clients. We believe that, SEO success, going forward will heavily depend on the following:

  • Content – quality, contextual, and original
  • User experience – satisfies search intents and provides the right information
  • Code -structured data
  • Mobile – speed, mobile-friendly UX & content
  • Links & Mentions -quality of backlinks, not quantity and social engagement

And the fundamentals of SEO will still be valid. The art of writing a meaningful Title and most of the traditional SEO signals, both on content and technology sides will still play a major role in Google’s ranking decision.

Google continues to keep experimenting on SERP UX and the information it provides for organic ranking. For example, very recently, Google has expanded the meta description snippet from 155 characters to 300 characters for select websites (not all) for a particular search. This does not have any direct effect on ranking, but SEOs are keeping a watch how this evolves over time.

It’s also worth reading Rand Fishkin’s Predictions on SEO in 2018; he provides his predictions from a different POV.


No doubt, SEO will be the major focus for most of the businesses in 2019-20. However, businesses are often challenged by:

  1.  the right strategy to maintain a sustainable organic growth
  2.  lower conversion rate for organic traffic
  3. lack of SEO awareness in the organization

We’ve seen many businesses achieving some initial traction in organic growth with a decent SEO implementation. For many reasons including but not limited to, lack of long-term organic strategy, competition, recent changes in the policies and algorithm of search engines, they loose the SERP ranking. On the other hand, many businesses face a constant challenge with poor quality of organic traffic. In fact, on average, conversion rate for organic search traffic is lower than other sources.


SEO (done the right way) = Highest ROI

When we plan the organic growth for a business, we pay attention to such issues, among many others, so that your business overcome such challenges and see a steady growth. Our organic search marketing strategy is built on a clear content marketing plan, strong fundamentals which focus on the quality of the traffic and many advanced factors that affect the sustainability of SERP ranking. We pay attention to your customers’ search intent and buying decision factors and decide the right keyword strategy for your business,We try ti build a compelling story for your business for every keyword that we will decide.

We also believe SEO success depends on 50+ factors, and we try to achieve as many for our clients. Our SEO consultants come with 12+ years experience in this field crafting content and optimization strategies for Fortune class brands and startup businesses, as well as local businesses.  We’ve developed over years a deep down, thorough SEO audit process which lays foundation for implementation, both at content and technical sides of SEO.  We stay up-to-date on behalf of our clients on the latest policy and technology changes adopted by the search engines and align our SEO tactics accordingly.

Learn more about our SEO service. Contact us to initiate a discussion. We usually start with a SEO audit, our proprietary methodology.

We also believe that ultimate SEO success depends on the organizational appreciation and readiness. SEO has to be in the DNA of a business. We can speed up the readiness with SEO workshop for your businesses. Typical attendees are marketing, technology, content and other concerned stakeholders.

Checkout our typical SEO workshop outline.