Right Data, Analytics & Actions = marketing ROI

In the era of digital economy, everyone works with tons of data trying to understand their customer journey and buying behavior. No wonder, in a very recent (published February, 2018) study by Deloitte, CMOs shared that in 2018 and beyond, they want to invest heavily on Analytics, to get a better understanding of their customers’ experience.

As your customers are increasingly entering into a complex digital journey across multiple channels and touch points and across multiple devices, marketers are geting more and more data and even a small business is sitting with so called “Big Data”. Understanding their complex journey which is no more linear today is most critical for today’s marketing leaders so that they can go back to the drawing board in their creative studio to craft a better UX, strategize better story telling about their brands and can run marketing campaigns that can connect the customers wherever they’re and address their needs at the right moment.


While almost everything is measurable in a digital marketing campaign, businesses get overwhelmed with such big data and in getting the right insights. Many a times we receive data in silos, from individual channels and fail to get the right, big picture. While your Analytics investment will grow, it is important to choose the right partner who can help analyze your data, put into visualization and recommend clear actionable insights that can make your digital marketing a success.


We come in there. As a first step, we help you define the right KPIs (key performance indicators) so that we stays focused on their performance and not get distracted into unnecessary metrics.

This is done with our proprietary methodology and analysis which go beyond the basic web analytics platforms that most of the agencies or consultants use. At the end of each analytics cycle, we present the most meaningful customer journey analysis, marketing performance metrics and forecasting, rather than dumping you with tons of excels, power points, and pdfs. You get simplified, solid action points that you can implement with confidence.

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