Audience Targeting

Banner display advertisement, programmatic media buying and direct placements are nothing new in the digital world. But what is new is smarter decision in audience targeting when it comes to display advertisement. And we’re up to the speed.

We partner with Google (GDN) and other large publishers networks to bring your brand to life with eye-catching display banners, built on clear message and CTA, that immediately gives your brand a lift. Starting from advanced tactics like “look alike audience” to traditional interest and affinity driven approach in display advertising, we deliver competitive CPM and ROI. We also specialize in native advertising and customize your ads for all devices, starting from mobile.

And the good news is, like many other agencies, we don’t report just “brand impressions” to impress you. We deliver real results. We achieved above industry average results in actual conversions (leads and sales) by combining our deep analysis of audience digital behavior, whitelisting the publications that make sense for your business and brand, and continuously optimizing performance. Though display tactics are more known as a “push” tactic in the industry, as opposed to intent-driven search which is “pull”, we’ve blurred the boundary between push and pull.

Reach out to Dipankar to learn more about our audience targeting strategy and case studies.