What it Means

Simply put, our digital audit helps businesses identify the gaps and opportunities in their current marketing programs to improve on lead generation and sale. Our audit process is comprehensive, yet we present the findings and recommendations with absolute clarity so that a business can implement them with confidence. 90% of our clients have realized at least 15-20% improvements in their top line with the same marketing budget when they carry on the strategic and tactical changes recommended in the audit report. This is our way of improving your marketing ROI.

Digital Audit Process

We start with analyzing your revenue goal and marketing KPI. With single focus on your customers in our mind, we analyze, and often discover the digital channels and touch-points where your customers are interacting or like to interact with your brand. A deep analysis of your customers data and understanding their behavior across their popular digital channels and devices empower us to design a ROI driven marketing strategy. This is further fine tuned with competition research and industry best practices data and examples.

What We Audit

We measure key digital channels where you are active and where customers meet your brand. Typically, our audit covers the following.

  1. Digital footprint (your overall digital marketing effectiveness, till date, measured in a scale of 0-10)
  2. Organic growth
  3. Content marketing effectiveness
  4. SEO, onsite and external factors
  5. Paid media ROI (search, social, display, re-targeting)
  6. Social media engagement
  7. Outbound email marketing messaging, offer and content

How It’s Done

We have our proprietary audit process which is founded on our own tools as well as industry standard software. But more importantly, our audit consultants analyze data manually to get the right insight. Our unique strength lies in the fact that our audit consultants come from 20+ years experience in marketing, IT and consulting firms with expertise in data analysis and as-is-studies.

What You’ll Get

Definite recommendations that will help re-align your marketing strategy and programs. Instead of telling you fancy stories about some outstanding marketing case studies and what you could have done, our audit report contains actual action points, each qualified by the insights derived from your customer data. And we work within the reality of your revenue goal and marketing budget and resources. Essentially our audit report becomes your blueprint for a ROI driven marketing program for your business.

No-Obligation Free Audit

If you think this audit makes sense, we offer a preliminary assessment of your current digital marketing effectiveness absolutely free. This also helps us to prepare a proposal and project plan for the detailed digital audit. But there is no obligation. If you don’t like our free assessment and proposal, we can move on. But the good news is that rarely happens with our clients and partners.

Contact Nick Carone, our Partner, to understand how our digital audit helps you improve your marketing ROI.