Your Customer Data + Our Insights = Our Engagement

We go by your business priorities and goals, and start with your business numbers. We believe in data-driven approach in marketing and results. Our clients love us for the ROI we guarantee for every dollar they spend in their marketing. We don’t send tons of reports (like many agencies would do), rather we show the results and provide CXO level insights on the effectiveness of campaigns, forecast upcoming results and revise the digital strategy, as needed.

Consider us an extended enterprise for your business.

Typically, our clients engage us for all or some of the specific consulting services as pointed out below.

  1. Audit web properties and modify UX
  2. Audit marketing channel effectiveness
  3. Integrate customer journey data from disparate sources with core web analytics
  4. Develop a single view of your target audience and create the appropriate persona
  5. Align channel specific content strategy with your customer (or prospect) persona
  6. Optimize your content across all digital channels and devices (e.g. mobile)
  7. Identify industry influencers and develop an outreach strategy to engage them
  8. Align outbound marketing with inbound
  9. Align paid campaign media with owned and earned media
  10. Design, develop and implement a revised content marketing pilot program
  11. Rollout a multi-channel digital marketing program that gives the highest ROI
  12. Develop a ROI tracking dashboard along with forecasting

Our detailed approach in shaping your marketing campaigns, both inbound and outbound, built on deep insights from your existing data and industry benchmark lays a robust foundation for your business profitability for the years to come.

Contact us to learn more about our engagement model. We can start with an audit or even fixing your specific pain points, show results and go from there.