Social engagement & analytics

While social media contribution, from a pure traffic and conversion standpoints, are still low for majority of the businesses, we pay equal attention to your social footprints, more from brand building, audience engagement and influence on search ranking standpoint. We don’t jump into every other social channels, rather focus on the specific media which makes most sense for your business. There’s no boilerplate strategy in social, every business is different and prioritization of the social media is the key to success.

Like Search, we develop an integrated strategy for your social marketing, combining both organic presence and paid media. While Facebook is moving fast down the funnel, from engagement to actual conversions, we take a cautious approach and measure every social footprint by smart data analysis. Depending on the results, we recommend going deeper on a particular social channel and expanding to other social channels. This approach has greatly benefited most of our clients whose social tactics were not ROI-driven before we came in.